How do I create Invoice using Invoice Maker?

Invoice maker use very simple and user friendly tool for you. You can create awesome, and professional invoices using this tool, In just one click of invoice generator button you can get it and send to your customers easily. You will just have to fill few basis details in Invoice Maker form and you will be able to download your professional looking invoice in .pdf format. Let me explain the fields available on Invoice Maker form.

Steps to Learn - How to Create Invoice

  • Choose File: If you want to show your company or brand logo (image) on your invoice then uses this option to upload your brand logo. It will be visible on the top left corner on your invoice.
  • Billing Currency: Use this option to select the currency type. By default it will be setup to $ but you can change it as per your requirements.
  • Invoice Number: Invoice maker will generate a unique invoice number for your every invoice but you can change this invoice number if you needed.
  • Pan Number: It is your permanent account number. If you wish to fill this detail in your invoice then use it or, you can leave it empty as well.
  • Invoice From: Put your company name and details here. This field will represent who is generating this invoice.
  • Invoice To: Use your customer name and details on this field.
  • GSTIN/TAX Number: If you want to put any Tax related details here. Use this form field.
  • Invoice Date: Invoice date field is used to show the Date on which you create an Invoice for your customer and submit it to your customer.
  • Due Date: Due date field is used to show “Invoice Due Date or Last Date” to pay by customer. You can charge late fee after this Due date but you should mention all information about late fee on the below “Terms” form field.
  • Item: Use your product or service name or description here.
  • Rate/Price: This field will show base price for your product or service.
  • Qty: This field will show how many items for each product customer is purchasing.
  • Amount: This field will be calculated automatically once you fill the item, rate/price and qty field.
  • +Add another Item button: IF you wish to add another item/service in your invoice. Use this button.
  • Additional Notes/ Product Description: If you want to put some addition details about your products or services in your invoice use this field.
  • Terms: Use this form field to put your all terms and conditions regarding your product/services. These will be visible to your customers on invoice.
  • Download as PDF button: Finally, Click on this button to download your awesome and professional looking invoice on your system. Now, you are ready to share it with your customer using any sharing app or email.